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Name:Kirk/Spock Recs
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
Welcome to the community site for sharing Kirk/Spock and Kirk-Spock friendship recs and reviews. The goal of this community is to help K/Sers find stories and zines, as well as art, poetry, vids, and all things K/S. All recs made on this site should fall under the description of Kirk/Spock or Kirk-Spock friendship. Gen and pre-slash are okay, if the relationship between Kirk and Spock is of primary importance. Threesome stories, crossovers, and stories that include other pairings as well as K/S, are okay, as long as they are clearly labeled as such, and as long as K/S is part of the story. (This community is not the place for Real Person Fiction or Real Person Slash. Sorry!)

The intention is to keep the community focused on Kirk and Spock, while not excluding works that may not fall strictly into a single fandom or genre. Posts requesting recs for a particular type of story or inviting critical discussion of recs are also okay.

Anyone can post to the community. If you'd like to post a rec or a review, here are some simple guidelines:

1. For online stories, art, poetry and essays, please provide the following information:

Subject: Title of piece

Rating (PG, NC-17 etc.) if available
URL (If reccing art, please do not use "img src" to link. If reccing a vid, please link to an index page if possible.)
Why it shouldn't be missed (this can be brief or detailed)

2. For zine stories, art, poetry or whole zines, please provide the following information:

Subject: Title of piece or zine

**First name of authors only, or first name and last initial -- important!
Pairing(s) *important!
Name of publisher and contact information/URL if available
Why it shouldn't be missed (this can be brief or detailed)

3. For vids, please provide the following information:

Subject: Title of vid


URL or contact info for distributor if it's only available in hard copy
Format (i.e. Windows Media, Real Player, Quicktime, Divx, etc.) if known
Approx. file size if known
Why it shouldn't be missed (this can be brief or detailed)

*The pairing information is required. If the work is gen, or pre-slash, please label it as such. If Kirk or Spock is paired with anyone else in the story, please include that pairing info as well.

**We will do our best to protect the full names of authors whose work is not posted online. More information can be found by contacting the zine publishers.

All rec posts will be moderated to ensure that pairing info is included and that zine authors' names are abbreviated. You may wish to use a cut tag, and/or provide spoiler warnings, but it's not required. It's fine to include other information (such as a listing of stories/art in a zine, page count, warnings for violence, rape or other graphic content, the author's journal link, website, etc.) but the above should be the minimum for any rec.

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